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About this Service
-Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. and Meitetsu Bus Co., Ltd. provide this Service by using “Transit/Timetable Service” of NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd.
-Please use this Service’s search result only as a guide. We provide the data after fully examining it, but we do not guarantee its accuracy.
-We might stop or terminate this Service or alter its contents without prior notice.
Operating environment and setting of this site
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-If the newest version of the OS is released, the scope of the operation check will be reviewed.
* As of October 2020

<The setting of IE>
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Click the gear icon in the upper-right corner of the window → Click “Compatibility View setting (B)” → Uncheck “Display intranet site in Compatibility View (I)”
If Microsoft stops its support service, we might also terminate our service for IE without prior notice.

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About railway/bus routes to be searched
All lines of Nagoya Railroad
Nagoya Municipal Subway (Tsurumai and Kamiiida Lines)
Toyohashi Railroad
Meitetsu Bus
Timetable, Fares, etc.
-The data related with this Service such as timetables and fares is updated by NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd, based on the information obtained from Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. and Meitetsu Bus Co., Ltd.
If the timetables are revised, we might be unable to update our Service data by the time the timetables are revised, due to the relevant companies’ convenience in terms of the timing of providing the information.
-We display bus timetables based on the scheduled diagram data.
Actual departure/arrival times might be different from the displayed data due to traffic conditions.
About a route search result
-This Service does not take into consideration any train/bus operational irregularity caused by accidents, weather conditions, traffic conditions, etc.
-We do not guarantee any smooth transit for the change of trains.
-Depending on a day/time that you enter for our search conditions, a train/bus route search result that does not reflect new timetable data might be displayed on your screen.
About an exemption from responsibility
Please note that Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd., Meitetsu Bus Co., Ltd. and NAVITIME JAPAN Co., Ltd. will not assume any responsibility for accidents or damage resulting from the aforementioned matters or from the use or unavailability of this Service.
About maps
-Note that some maps or locations are not available in this service.
-This Service displays maps created in line with digital map 250m grid (elevation) data issued by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) as approved by GSI Director-General (Approval number: So-shi #76 in 2003).
-ZENRIN CO., LTD. creates maps with 1/500,000 local maps and 1/25,000 terrain maps issued by GSI as approved by GSI Director-General (Approval number: Jo-shi #244-B34 and #244-B35 in 2014). We also use maps that ZENRIN CO., LTD. has added or processed in line with Nationwide Digital Road Map Database available from Japan Digital Road Map Association (© 2012, Japan Digital Road Map Association) (Approval 12-161N of deliverables use based on Article 44 of Survey Act).
About an amendment to this page
The matters set forth above might be amended without prior notice.
Please check this page as needed and use this Service after agreeing to the Terms of Use herein.